Hey guys && girls

My name is Libby Singers, I`m 14 and I attend Cambridge High School from Monday-Friday.
On the 5th of December 2008, my father suprised me by bringing home a championship winning ministock... Ex 75m now 44k.
My car is lime green and purple this season, its pretty bright.
I have raced at Kihikihi, Rangeview/Waharoa && Whitianga. I have now finished my Mentor Program so I am hoping to race at other tracks around the North Island like Huntly, Rotorua, Auckland, Palmy etc. I really wanna race at Nelson but I will probaly never be rich enough for that.

My car was originally built by Louis Wymer for his daughter Michelle, who has now gone on to race a saloon and win B.O.P saloon championships for the 08/09 season. After Michelle, A girl from Matamata named Loren Kersey got it bought for her and she raced it for about 3 years and now I have the beast.